Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Felicity

Felicity is my second oldest doll by about five to seven years. Maybe more! I received her from my grandparents and aunt in 1991 - just months after she was launched. I'm not sure you can see in any of the pictures, but she has the beautiful soft eyelashes characteristic of Pleasant Company/Pre-Mattel dolls. 

She is the doll i first fell in love with for her pure beauty. Her story is by far one of my favorites. 

Look at those eyes!

She is a true carot-top and has the spunky personality to boot! She fights for what is right. Even if her methods aren't always "propper". Besides her love of justice, Felicity has a curiosity about the world she lives in. She is growing up in a time of great change. Yet she is wise, compassionate, and genuine beyond her years. 

Even as a child i found Felicity's collection special.

The detail amazes me to this day. She is a doll worth cherishing.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet Josefina

Josefina is my newest doll as of this writing. She has only been with me about a week. I have wanted her for years, but wasn't sure how she would photograph. 

Today i took her out in the afternoon partial sun for a few photos. 

She is a quiet shy girl who values family above all else. She enjoys cooking especially when it is with food she and her family grew on their rancho.

Josefina loves music and misses singing with her mama when she was little. 

I absolutely love how different Josefina looks in different lighting conditions! Her medium skin tone can look really dark...

Or quite light.

She has a look shared by no other doll. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet Kate

Kate is a custom American Girl Doll and is really one of a kind. She was a doll I pictured in my mind to resemble me. She is a blend of Saige and Marie-Grace. Kate began life as a Saige doll, was rewired with Marie-Graces wig and when that still wasn't perfect given Marie-Grace-s eyes as well. The result is a unique beauty who has a special place in my collection.

Kate is the best of both Mare-Grace and Saige. The freckles are cute, the eyes are uniquely stunning and some of the most realistic made by American Girl. The hair is just a tad longer than I had pictured, but it is silky and smooth and cooperates with almost every style. A bonus to building this doll from a Saige is that her ears were already pierced! I love doll jewelry!

I took Kate outside on a beautiful sunny day last week and got some great sun-lit shots of her!

I love the shadow in the back of this picture and the sun on her hair!

Ahhh the sun on her face and hair! Just lovely! Her eyes look like Hawaiian ocean water here.

Kate is a quiet, funny, girl who believes that music has the power to fuel emotion, heal wounds, and create memories. She loves to sing and has a memory to go with almost every sone on her playlist. If she wants to remember something, she puts it to music.  She is loyal to a fault, compassionate, and lives by the motto "You can't take care of others if you don't care for yourself first."

What do you think of Kate?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


2015 is the year of the doll blog here at the house on Jewel. Over the next few days, maybe weeks, I will introduce you to the dolls. I was an early adopter of American Girl back in the days of Pleasant Company. As a matter of fact, I received Molly McIntire, the World War II 1944 doll in 1987. While she is no longer the doll I consider the most beautiful in my collection, Molly will always hold a special place in my heart. 

At present, my collection holds six dolls. Pretty small for someone who is been collecting as long as I have. However, my goal has never been to have a large collection, strictly to be able to appreciate the dolls that I have. 
So what makes this blog any different from the hundreds of other doll blogs out there on the Internet? Really, just one thing. I’m blind. No, this doesn’t mean I see absolutely nothing. I don’t see more than I see. This is taught me to appreciate the finer aspects of things. I can’t see in detail. I can’t look at a doll and even see her whole face at the same time much less the whole doll. This means I appreciate my collection in a very different way than someone who can stand back and look at a whole wall of dolls and appreciate each one of them.
This blog will start slowly. So stop on by frequently as you never know when I will add something new.