I was an early adopter of American Girl back in the days of Pleasant Company. As a matter of fact, I received Molly McIntire, the World War II 1944 doll in 1987. While she is no longer the doll I consider the most beautiful in my collection, nor is she the doll whose story and character I find the "best", Molly will always hold a special place in my heart. 

As of the start of this blog, my collection holds six dolls. Pretty small for someone who has been collecting as long as I have. However, my goal has never been to have a large collection, strictly to be able to appreciate the dolls that I have. 
So what makes this blog any different from the hundreds of other doll blogs out there on the Internet? Really, just one thing. I’m blind. No, this doesn’t mean I see absolutely nothing. I don’t see more than I see. This is taught me to appreciate the finer aspects of things. I can’t see in detail. I can’t look at a doll and even see her whole face at the same time much less the whole doll. This means I appreciate my collection in a very different way than someone who can stand back and look at a whole wall of dolls and appreciate each one of them.
I have a special bond with each one of my dolls. Each one is different. No two have the same face mold/skin tone/hair color/eye color combination. Each one has something uniquely special about her. 
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