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Welcome. Welcome! On this page you can get to know a little about the dolls here at Vision of a Doll. Each of my dolls has her own unique personality and backstory. Read on to meet the dolls living with me, and those who have moved on to new loving homes.
This page is still a work in progress. To see pictures of each of my dolls, search under the tag "meet the dolls."

Molly Jean McIntire
Arrival Date: December 25, 1987
Birthday: April 22
Period: Great Depression through World War II (1930s & 1940s)
Pet: Bennett, a Terrier puppy
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Turnips
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Roller skating Hates: Swimming underwater
Favorite Color: Red
Personality: Molly is a dreamer. She has been caught daydreaming more times than any other girl in her class. She wishes her life was "fancier" or more elegant than it is. Kit used to say that Ruthie should have been Molly's best friend given her fascination with princesses and fancy teas.
Author Notes: Molly was the doll I dreamed about for over a year and asked for as a gift all the time. My parents finally bought her for me for Christmas when they thought I was "old enough." She was my near constant companion for years. Changes for Molly is still one of my favorite AG books.

Felicity Anne Merriman
Nicknames: Lissi
Arrival Date: December 25, 1991
Birthday: April 21
Period: American Revolution (1770s)
Pet: Posy-a lamb, Penny and Patriot-horses Favorite Food: Apples, mostly because she can share them with Penny
Least Favorite Food: Tea Favorite Outdoor Activity: Horseback Riding
Hates: Stitching and anything where she must sit still
Favorite Color: Blue
Personality: Felicity is spunky and energetic and just. She loves to laugh and can't stand when people are mean to animals-or other people for that matter. She will stand up for what she deems right and just even if it means squabling with friends and family.
Author Notes: My grandparents and aunt went together to buy me Felicity the christmas after she was released. The instant I saw her on the cover of the catalog I knew I wanted her more than anything. I remember saying to my mom that she was all I wanted for my birthday. When I didn't get her I felt betrayed. When there was a doll=shaped box under the christmas tree I knew then and there I had some family that loved me and knew how to make me the happiest girl on earth.

Elizabeth Cole
Nicknames: Eliza
Birthday: Period: American Revolution (1770s)
Pet: She adopted Caroline's cat-Inkpot
Favorite Food: Sweets
Least Favorite Food: biscuits and scones
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Walking
Hates: War
Favorite Color: Pastels
Personality: Eliza is a prankster and a jokester. She loves nothing more than teasing her older sister and friends. She is quiet and proper but still loves to have fun.
Author Notes: Eliza was the first doll I bought as an adult. I bought her on ebay before the market exploded. She came to me in decent shape but with what I would later find out to be a wig defect. She has since received a new head.

Maria Josefina Montoya
Nicknames: Josie
Birthday: March 19
Period: Pre-American New Mexico (1820s)
Pet: Sombrita the goat
Favorite Food: Tortillas
Least Favorite Food: Potatoes
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Gathering Herbs/Gardening
Hates: Scorpions
Favorite Color: Teal
Personality: Josie is quiet and shy yet can be courageous when she needs to be. She is a fantastic listener and will do anything to help her family. Josie loves to listen to music and wishes she were old enough to learn to dance!
Author Note: I first received a Josefina in 1998 but never really bonded with her. She sat packed in her box until I sold her upon graduating from college. When American Girl revamped the historical line to Beforever, I began saving for a new Josefina. Now, she is one of my favorite dolls to photograph.

Eleanor Lynn Potter
Nicknames: Nora
Arrival Date: July 10, 2015
Birthday: November 27
Period: My Childhood (1980s & 1990s)
Pet: None but she wants a cat.
Favorite Food: Nachos
Least Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking, Camping, tandem biking
Hates: Spiders
Favorite Color: Purple
Personality: Nora is that "different" girl. She is super smart, yet school doesn't come easy. She has an outstanding memory and can still remember the words to the solo she sang in kindergarten. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on and can't fall asleep at night without an audiobook. She wishes large print and braille books were more available and has a love/hate relationship with technology. She wishes modern technology was available when she is growing up. Nora only recently found out she is legally blind and is learning what that means for her.
Author Note: Nora is both my look-alike and holds my personality growing up. She is a custom doll I built from a MAG#55 and Marie-Grace's eyes. I realized when "building" her that she may become known as the anti-Grace. Nora has Grace's hair color, similar eyes and freckles, but a classic face mold, no side bangs, and greener eyes.

Jaiden Doyoung Parker
Nicknames: Jade
Arrival Date: July 17, 2015
Birthday: February 15
Period: Modern
Pet: She wants a Hamster, Guinea Pig or Turtle
Favorite Food: Buttered Noodles
Least Favorite Food: McDonalds
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Observing animals particularly bugs and butterflies
Hates: Pink, Being rushed
Favorite Color: White and yellow
Personality: Jade was adopted from Korea at two years old. Her middle name is her birth name meaning "sunshine" in Korean. She is creative and loves to explore. She is curious about nature and the world around her. Jade was born profoundly deaf and didn't hear until after her adoption. She wears bilateral hearing aids that allow her to hear most of what her sisters say, but she still needs people to face her when taking. She loves arts and crafts, summer camp, and collecting things. She is the quietest of the girls; preferring to observe from the sidelines. A side of Jade comes out at camp that few get to see at home.

Briella Jessica Bates
Nicknames: Brie
Arrival Date: July 22, 2015
Birthday: July 19
Period: Early 1900s
Pet: Two little grey kittens
Favorite Food: Tandori
Least Favorite Food: Anything "dried"
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Climbing trees
Hates: Injustice, teasing
Favorite Color: Pink
Personality: Brie is a quiet proper yet occasionally rebellious British girl whose family came to the united states so her father could work in the new automobile factories. She misses the glamor of home, but is learning to find her way in America. Shortly after her family moved into the tenant house, Brie found a mother and baby kitten in the gutter. She loves taking care of them and has nursed them back to health. She loves needlepoint and embroidery and sews little embellishments on all of her clothes. Brie has a private tutor and will have the other girls and residents of her house read her lessons to her over and over again until she memorizes them. No matter how she tries, the words never look like they should to Brie. She is afraid of her secret being discovered.
Authors Note: Briella was picked up for me by a fellow AG collector who attends the Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale every year and volunteered to pick up dolls for people who could not go. I gave ET a list of three dolls and had her pick one for me. So when Briella arrived, It was a surprise which doll I was getting. I haven't had that feeling ever. So she is special to me.

Dolls Living in New Homes

Kate Noelle Copeland
Nicknames: Just Kate
Birthday: February 29
Period: Modern Day
Pet: Speckles aka Speck a Dalmatian puppy who is a Service Dog in Training (SDIT) Favorite Food: Chicken and Dumplings Least Favorite Food: Tofu Favorite Outdoor Activity: Running
Hates: Bugs
Favorite Color: Pink
Personality: Kate is an adventurous girl. She is often criticized for being "fidgety." Kate is a natural at giving advice-whether it's requested or not! She's learning to tone her advice giving down a little as she doesn't mean to come off as a know-it-all.
Author Note: Kate is my first custom AG doll. She started life as a Saige (GOTY 2013), but when we didn't bond, I decided to customize her. She has a Marie-Grace wig and eyes from MAG#59. My thought was to make a doll that looked like the original Pleasant Company illustrations of Felicity's best friend Elizabeth.
Kate is looking for a new home.

Anna Ming Young

Margret Mildred Kittridge
Nicknames: Kit, Meg

Priya Claire Singh
Nicknames: Please no
Arrival Date: May 26, 2015
Birthday: June 21
Period: Modern Day
Pet: Too much work
Favorite Food: Hambergers
Least Favorite Food: Curry
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Gardening
Hates: Stereotyping
Personality: Priya is very outspoken about her passions which change regularly. She can be loud and noisy. Particularly when something makes her mad. She is impatient and wants things to happen NOW.
Author Note: Priya is a Truly Me #62. She has the same amber eye color as #26 and is only one of two dolls with this eye color made by AG. She is also the only AG doll with medium skin tone that has the Sonali face mold. This combination mades her an extremely unique doll. She photographs really well and has highlights in her hair that show best in natural sunlight.
Priya and I just didn't bond. So after a month with me, she went back to AG.

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