Monday, July 27, 2015

Michael's Crafts Haul

I've never looked at Michaels for doll things before! What was i thinking?!?! 

So the whole reason I went to Michael's was to find jewelry storage for my dolls. I thought this beading container would be perfect. For $12, even if it didn't hold everything it would be better than what I had.

It has a huge number of little compartments. I combined the small compartments in here with some other small ones I had and took out some of the medium-size ones.

I think my dolls have more jewelry than I do. Well, not quite but they have a lot.

Next I found this tiny little MacBook air prop. It's really a small mirror and cost $5.


So realistic! Now all I need is some screenshot static clings. 😉

These little white espadrille sandals fit the dolls perfectly. Will be a great mix and match item. Think they were about $4.

So this outfit was only about seven dollars for the T-shirt and skirt. It's purple. I couldn't resist.

Great pieces for mix-and-match.

This one was $10.

I love the yellow and the fabric is supersoft.

So there you have it. Watch for these outfits and upcoming blog posts!

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