Monday, July 13, 2015

Priya in Peach

So it's really really hot here today. I was afraid to have Priya outside too long it's that hot!

I got this outfit in the mail today though and just had to put it on her and take a few pictures.

It makes for medium skin tone look really pretty.

And now, back to my doll related project. Debuting soon!

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  1. Hello Nati! I found your site at I recently bought the above dress for my own doll, because it was my birthday close to the day I visited the AG boutique here in Vancouver BC. I love this dress, and the darling sandals and pretty hair clip. I have it on my doll I bought in Hawaii when I was there with my hubby last Dec, celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary. Yes, there was an AG doll boutique in the Ala Moana mall for 6 months. The dress is very pretty and I love it!